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“Companies that have a consistent and effective sales process on average close 42% more business than those that don’t.” (Source SBI)

  • Find top buyers & influencers in the best markets
  • Discover how buying decisions are really made
  • Confirm what you have to do to influence the decision
  • Engineer and automate a new, aligned sales process
  • Find & fix the issues that slow your new business growth
  • + Digital Marketing, PR, Content, Social Media, Video
Align Marketing

Stage 1: Bring clarity and focus

  • Define & quantify your strategic and commercial goals.
  • Identify the buyer needs & applications: where your product or service can be focused to provide a unique, distinctive solution to a problem.
  • Build & segment a database of the most valuable market sectors. Target & map your prospect list. Define the ‘personas’ - profiles of specifiers and buyers - to resonate and drive response.

Stage 2: Add insight and generate team agreement

  • Understand buyer needs and behaviour in the target organisations: the who, what, where, why, how and when. Segment into prospect groups. Identify key influencers.
  • Find the ‘disruptor’ to get attention and ‘worry’ prospects about the problem. Develop value propositions and insights.
  • Meet with, train and align the sales & marketing teams.

Stage 3: Embed the plan and make it actionable

  • Plan inbound & outbound campaigns. Identify critical time-points - by sector and organisation – when to make contact. Select prospect marketing channels.
  • Write content: needs-focused, using Cialdini's principles, and support with statistics and case studies to build authority
  • Develop Collateral: E-books, Infographics, email, LinkedIn posts, web landing pages

Stage 4: Maintain focus, track results

  • Commision/ program your CRM to mirror and support the sales process. Agree key stages and define Marketing & Sales Qualified Leads (MQLs, SQLs) for agreement.
  • Measure ROI using agreed KPIs in the sales process. Manage velocity and conversion rates at each stage of the process, using Theory of Constraints (ToC).

Who we are

We’re a sales-focused marketing & PR agency, delivering qualified sales leads through integrated B2B strategy, systems and campaigns.

Specialists in buyer behaviour: because if you don’t know how a prospect buys products or services in your category, how can you align your sales effort?

“We’ve 20 years’ experience in delivering results for B2B businesses. Email or call me for an initial chat, in confidence,” Patrick Rea, CEO, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing, developer of Sales Process Engineering. Also Director Trustee of PTSD Resolution, the charity for Forces’ Veterans mental welfare.

Why work with us?

Our experience in strategic planning, marketing and sales, training & aligning in-house teams, CRM system integration, PR and media relations, digital marketing.

Our mission is to deliver a highly actionable strategy and campaign to find & convert more sales, more consistently, with reduced marketing costs and improved Return on Investment (ROI).

A London marketing agency, we’ve 20 years experience working organisations ranging from SME’s and global enterprises, to the Police and trade associations.

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Patrick Rea
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